Basic SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services


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Feb, 2017
  • May 09, 2017
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About Basic SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services

This RonsNotes is targeted towards new people and designed to get them familiar with the fundamentals of Multidimensional and Tabular Analysis databases. We use a series of clear explanations hyperlinked into references and visually diagramed. Concept explanations come alive when experienced in hands-on in labs as you begin your journey into this aspect of SQL server. This RonsNotes is appropriate for DBAs with no analysis server experience, project managers, data analysis and business users.
Though we use SQL Server 2016 in the build you do not have to buy the product but can use the evaluation edition. Previous releases of SQL from the 2012 version forward will work essentially the same. We specifically use the Microsoft Sample database AdventureWorks and AdventureWorksDW as there are versions available for SQL 2012 forward.

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