Electromechanical Motion Devices


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Apr, 2012

About Electromechanical Motion Devices

This text provides a basic treatment of modern electric machine analysis that gives readers the necessary background for comprehending the traditional applications and operating characteristics of electric machines—as well as their emerging applications in modern power systems and electric drives, such as those used in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Through the appropriate use of reference frame theory, Electromagnetic Motion Devices, Second Edition introduces readers to field-oriented control of induction machines, constant-torque, and constant-power control of dc, permanent-magnet ac machines, and brushless dc machines. It also discusses steady-state and transient performance in addition to their applications.

Electromagnetic Motion Devices, Second Edition presents:

  • The derivations of all machine models, starting with a common first-principle approach (based upon Ohm's, Faraday's, Ampere's, and Newton's/Euler's laws)
  • A generalized two-phase approach to reference frame theory that can be applied to the ac machines featured in the book
  • The influences of the current and voltage constraints in the torque-versus-speed profile of electric machines operated with an electric drive
  • Complete with slides, videos, animations, problems & solutions

Thoroughly classroom tested and complete with a supplementary solutions manual and video library, Electromagnetic Motion Devices, Second Edition is an invaluable book for anyone interested in modern machine theory and applications.  If you would like access to the solutions manual and video library, please send an email to: [email protected]

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