Games, Design and Play: A detailed approach to iterative game design

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Jun, 2016

About Games, Design and Play: A detailed approach to iterative game design

The play-focused, step-by-step guide to creating great game designs
This book offers a play-focused, process-oriented approach for designing games people will love to play. Drawing on a combined 35 years of design and teaching experience, Colleen Macklin and John Sharp link the concepts and elements of play to the practical tasks of game design. Using full-color examples, they reveal how real game designers think and work, and illuminate the amazing expressive potential of great game design.
Focusing on practical details, this book guides you from idea to prototype to playtest and fully realized design. You’ll walk through conceiving and creating a game’s inner workings, including its core actions, themes, and especially its play experience. Step by step, you’ll assemble every component of your “videogame,” creating practically every kind of play: from cooperative to competitive, from chance-based to role-playing, and everything in between.
Macklin and Sharp believe that games are for everyone, and game design is an exciting art form with a nearly unlimited array of styles, forms, and messages. Cutting across traditional platform and genre boundaries, they help you find inspiration wherever it exists.
Games, Design and Play is for all game design students, and for beginning-to-intermediate-level game professionals, especially independent game designers. Bridging the gaps between imagination and production, it will help you craft outstanding designs for incredible play experiences!

Coverage includes

  • Understanding core elements of play design: actions, goals, rules, objects, playspace, and players

  • Mastering “tools” such as constraint, interaction, goals, challenges, strategy, chance, decision, storytelling, and context

  • Comparing types of play and player experiences

  • Considering the demands videogames make on players

  • Establishing a game’s design values

  • Creating design documents, schematics, and tracking spreadsheets

  • Collaborating in teams on a shared design vision

  • Brainstorming and conceptualizing designs

  • Using prototypes to realize and playtest designs

  • Improving designs by making the most of playtesting feedback

  • Knowing when a design is ready for production

  • Learning the rules so you can break them!

Table of Contents

Part I Concepts
Chapter 1 Games, Design and Play
Chapter 2 Basic Game Design Tools
Chapter 3 The Kinds of Play
Chapter 4 The Player Experience
Part II Process
Chapter 5 The Iterative Game Design Process
Chapter 6 Design Values
Case Study 1: thatgamecompany’s Journey
Case Study 2: Captain Game’s Desert Golfing
Case Study 3: Naomi Clark’s Consentacle
Chapter 7 Game Design Documentation
Chapter 8 Collaboration and Teamwork
Part III Practice
Chapter 9 Conceptualizing Your Game
Chapter 10 Prototyping Your Game
Chapter 11 Playtesting Your Game
Chapter 12 Evaluating Your Game
Chapter 13 Moving from Design to Production

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