Subnetting Secrets

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Written by
Paul Browning
Published by
Reality Press Ltd.
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Mar, 2012

About Subnetting Secrets

If you want to be or are a network engineer or even in PC support you need to understand subnetting. The problem is, most of the so called IT experts make it so difficult to learn!
Subnetting Secret was written by somebody who read all the books and then threw them away and worked out the easy way to subnet. Sure, you learn the long way first using binary math but in the real world, for exams and technical interviews you need to be able to answer subnetting questions in about 20 seconds!

Table of Contents

  • Subnetting

  • IP addressing

  • IPv6

  • Network design using subnetting

  • Route Summarization

  • Variable Length Subnet Masking (VLSM)

  • Wildcard masks for access lists and routing

  • Easy subnetting for exams and interviews

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